Client Reminders

  • Types of Reminders:
    • Advanced Notifications can be sent 7 to 30 days prior to an appointment
    • Upcoming Appointment reminders can be sent from 1 to 7 days before the appointment
  • Client Recipient List:
    • Reminders are sent to your clients based on the email address and cell phone information you have stored for them within your practice management system
  • Reminder Messages:
    • Can be sent via email and or text message
    • Each reminder contains…
      • Information about your practice
        • Your clinic name and logo
        • An optional photo of you or your team
        • There is a built in map and directions to your clinic
      • Patient information
        • The patient’s name
      • Details about the appointment
        • Date and time of the appointment
      • A convenient one-click confirmation button
      • Tools to drive more business and grow your practice
        • A refer-a-friend button to increase referral business
      • Social media tools to engage your clients on Facebook, Twitter and more
      • Plus your clients can add your appointment to their calendar with our convenient "Add To Calendar" feature
  • Custom Configuration:
    • You decide when to send reminders and how they will be sent - via email and or text message
  • Client - Appointment Confirmations:
    • Clients can confirm appointments quickly using our one-click confirmation
    • Your practice can learn of client appointment confirmations through system reporting or via email notifications


  • Automatically notify your clients of necessary check-ups
  • Send email and or text notifications to clients that are due or overdue to encourage them to schedule check-ups or annual exams
  • Each email message contains a “Request An Appointment” button for clients to easily let you know if they would like to make an appointment


  • Reactivate customers by sending notifications to clients that haven’t visited your practice within the last 12 months

Personalized Birthday Cards

  • Show your clients how much you care
    • Send personalized birthday cards by email and or text on their pet’s birthday
    • All birthday cards contain the pet’s name and a “Request An Appointment” button


  • Showcase your products and services in your very own electronic newsletter
    • Customize the content and or choose your newsletter content from our database and then schedule the delivery dates
    • Each message contains your client’s first name and the name of their pet


  • Promote your clinic online
    • MySite is a custom 1 page website that showcases your clinic
    • This 1 page website enhances your presence on the internet through search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing
    • Best of all, MySite features your client reviews


  • Create your own custom email and or text marketing campaigns
    • Customize the content you send
    • Focus your marketing efforts by selecting groups or individual clients as recipients
    • Make announcements, promote your products and services, most importantly stay in front of your clients


  • Benefit from client feedback
    • Improve client satisfaction
    • Increase business from referrals
    • Utilize our standard surveys or create your own
    • Your clients automatically receive an email survey 3 days after their visit
    • Completed client surveys are submitted anonymously (unless the client chooses to identify themselves) and are posted on your MySite page

Pet Portal

  • Encourage your clients to take an active part in their pet’s health by giving them their very own Pet Portal
    • Their Pet Portal allows them to…
      • View their pet’s medical records
      • Review the messages you have sent them
      • Manage their email and text communication preferences
      • Update their contact and pet information
      • Request appointments
      • Provide feedback
      • Refer their friends
      • Order from your online store(s) (such as MyVetStoreOnline)


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